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Just A Thought: I Have Decided to Follow Jesus

March 17, 2019 by Pastor Tom Roberts 0 comments

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“All authority in heaven and on earth has been given to Me. Therefore go and make disciples...” — Matthew 28:18

Before Jesus ascended, He explained the mission that He had for His followers after He returned to His heavenly Father.

“Go and make disciples,” Jesus says. Although this may seem to involve two separate actions - going and making disciples - a better translation of this command is “Make disciples as you go along.” It is assumed that Jesus’ followers will often be “on the go” and actively doing something. We all live busy lives and many times it seems like we are on the treadmill. School – job - kids – family - church -  etc., etc. And Jesus is saying whether it’s away from home or close to home, your task is to walk alongside others by teaching them about Jesus and by demonstrating what it means to serve Him.

“Making disciples” does not mean just bringing others to a one-time “moment of decision.”  It involves continued learning together, growing together, and increasingly understanding what God has done in sending Jesus to die for our sin and calling us to serve Him.  All who follow Jesus share in this task.

Because we serve the Lord of all, we regularly need to ask ourselves who God has in mind for us to meet as we go along. We seek to make disciples of our children, our neighbors, our co-workers and the whole world.  And when we doubt or struggle in this task, Jesus promises that the authority of heaven will support us in it - always.  How can you do this as you walk thru today?

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